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Do we trust Allah?

November 30, 2009 7 comments

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

Bismillahi Tawwakaltu   AlAllah

Salam Alikum WRBT…

Today, during dhuhur salah, my heart felt a little at unrest. I thought to myself, maybe it’s cause I didn’t get enough sleep? Then I started thinking about this and that. Then I came home and thought I’d sleep for some time, catch up on some sleep … But there were all thoughts coming to me, oh did I do the report I was supposed to do? How am I gonna make the big move? I have all these classes I need to take etc …

Then I thought to myself, these thoughts  are nothing but a reflection of the status of my heart .. I always remembered being at a state of peace after listening to speeches by the beloved doctor of the Qulub, Moktar Maghrouhy. I happened to stumble upon a folder called “Tawwakul”, so I dimmed the lights, put the lecture on.

And I have to tell you, I’m half way through and it was quite a wake up call. So thought I might share what I’ve learned so far (in my own words of course 🙂  ..

We say “Bismillahi Tawakaltu Allallah” now and then cause for a lot of us, our mommy told us to say so but have we really pondered on what it means? “In the name of Allah, I put my ‘Trust’ in Allah.” The word Tawakkul is derived from the word Vakeel, which a lot of us from the sub continent might be familiar with.. also used for “Lawyer” in Arabic. Now, what does the lawyer tell us when we keep bombarding him with questions? Don’t worry about it, it is my headache, you paid me to do this .. just go home and sleep. So we are basically putting our trust in the lawyer to handle that affair for us, so he or she is our vakeel for that one thing.

Allah Azzawajal is the disposer of all affairs! He is controlling the dynamic complex universes, galaxies, solar systems to the minutest of affairs such as an ant climbing a wall. So when we put our trust in Allah subhana watalaa, the creator and sustainer of everything, we can most definitely sit back and relax. Worry, anxiety, fear etc. etc., are a product of lack of that complete trust in Allah. And ofcourse, it is a station, the station or makam of complete trust a few can achieve, the prophets .. But their level was just mind blowing ..

When Nimrod, the evil king, had ordered that Ibrahim (PBUH) be thrown into the fire, a live raging fire, Jibreel (AS) came to him and asked him, can I do anything for you? What would you have said? What would any person, who we assume to be logical, would have said? This is what Ibrahim, the Khaleel (closest friend) of Allah, told him: “From you, nothing!”. Meaning his heart was attached to nothing created, and only to the Creator. He put his complete trust in Allah and Allah alone and this was apparent in his response to Jibreel! And we all know Allah took care of him for his unwavering trust by making the fire cold and not affecting Ibrahim PBUH.

The lesson the  Shaik shared that a couple of things cause us to loosen that bond of trust we place in our Creator.

a) Lack of Knowledge: About the attributes of our Lord, what his capabilities are. If we don’t know his strength and powers and his attributes describe in the Quran, how can we know that He will help us with this big debt over our head or help us find that wife or husband we’re searching for the past 7 years or make sure our child returns home safe? How can you trust the lawyer if you didn’t know that he had won 95% of all his previous cases including the one against McDonalds?

b) Attachment to the Self (Nafs): As we discussed in the previous blog, the self or the nafs is what prompts us to do evil or act on our wrong desires such as indulging in over eating or going after our lusts etc. When we haven’t mastered our control over these base desires, then these things fill up our hearts and complete trust in Allah does not enter our hearts.

One simple way to overcome these obstacles may be to learn more about the wonderful attributes of our Lord. The best place would be to start with the Quran. We can study the attributes / names of Allah and reflect upon them .. What does Al Hayyul Qayyum mean? Al Malik Ul Mulk, Ajjabbar, etc mean? We can reflect on his creation.. maybe – Look at the sky on a clear night? Who is holding all those stars together? How does it all work? Look at the mountains, the sea, the animals, plants. I mean really “look” with deep reflection at the magnificence of its Creator. Read a big on biology, astronomy or since we’re all busy, look at a few documentaries on National Geography ..Go to an Imax theater and watch a show on these .. These may be good start for us to start appreciating the magnificence of our creator and developing our trust in His capabilities.

About part dealing with gaining mastery over our self and base desires … Will discuss this in more details and share some videos on this a little later, InshaAllah .. But for now, it’s about undressing and dressing (not in the literal sense ofcourse :P) It involves undressing a bad characteristics we may have and dressing with a good characteristic so that we start climbing the ladder from Nafs al Awwama to Nafs Al MutmaInnah. (Ofcourse all of this advice is for me first and then others).  It involves honestly reflecting on our weak points and coming up with a plan. It involves developing “Taqwa” or fear of Allah, when we’re about to commit a sin, remembering that Allah is watching us and refraining from it. Or, when we do make mistakes as every son of Adam makes mistake, turning back to Allah and repenting profusely as Allah has created us to repent to him .. Identifying the characteristics of a hypocrite muslim as defined in the Quran and Sunnah, and seeing if we possess any of these characteristics .. And doing our best to eliminate them ASAP, as I’m sure I as well as any of you might not want to be a hypocrite or possess any characteristics of a hypocrite when we are summoned before our Lord on that day when we’re held accountable .. .

Alright, this article turned out to be a little longer than I intended, but Alhumdlillah .. I pray that Allah Azzawajal helps us become sincere muslims, who place their Tawwakaltu Allallah and develop the peace and tranquility in our hearts, and become of those who face Allah with a Qalbun Saleem (Sound Heart) on that awesome day.

I can’t find the exact audio clip I was listening to, but I found a related lecture by Shaik Moktar …

Jazak Allah Khair.


Journey of the heart.

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Assalam Alikum All,

Once we have decided to embark on this wonderful journey of self transformation, we need to understand a little bit about our destination and the road we need to take. My objective into this quick introduction is to provide you with some basic knowledge and then provide some vidoes and articles by renouned scholars.

What journey are we embarking on?

Every journey has a name, some cases it is a road trip, other times it is a vacation, it could be a pilgrimage or a safari trip… So what is the name of this journey?

There are many names but the most common terms are:

1) Islaha tun Nufus (Reformation of the Soul)

2) Al – Tazkiyah tun Nufus (Purification of the Soul)

2) Al Tazkiyah tun Qulub (Reformation of the Heart)

What is the Destination?

Jannah (Paradise)

What are the check points / Roadmarks  of the journey??

Journey of the Heart

“The day when wealth and children will not benefit anyone except he who will come to Allah with a Qalb-e-Saleem.” (Surah Shu’ara, Aayah 38-39)

This is the spectrum:

Black Heart (worst) ——–>  Sound Heart (best)

Journey of the Soul:

Nafs Al Ammara –> Nafs Al Lawwamah –> Nafs Al Mutma’innah

These are the three stages of development of the ‘nafs’ or the human soul / self:

1) Nafs Al Ammara: That which is prone to evil and if not checked and controlled, will lead to eternal damnation (aka, Hell fire) (Described in Quran 12:53)

2) Nafs Al Lawwamah: That which feels consciousness of evil, and resists it, asks for Allah’s grace and pardon after repentance and tries to amend. (Basically if you feel bad after doing something bad, you’re in this stage) (75:2)

3) Nafs Al Mutma’innah: The highest stage of all, when the soul achives full rest and satisfaction after ‘aql (intellect) has checked the evil tendencies of man. In this stage a man’s taqwa (fear of Allah) is at its peak. He (or she) is essentially an example to society.(89:27)

Why is this important?

My Top 10 reasons:

1) Don’t want to burn in Hell

2) See Allah (in paradise)

2) Hoor Al Ayn ( Most gorgeous wife(s)  in paradise; BTW did you know that we can go on for 70 year sessions!! 🙂

3) Palaces underneath which rivers flow (paradise)

4) Eternal Pleasure

5) Be friends with the greatest humans on earth!

( Muhammad PBUH, Jesus, Moses, Ibrahim, Suleiman (PBUT) and the rest, the Sahabas (Especially Umar, Abu Backar, Uthman, Ali, Khalid Bin Walid, Abu Darr, Saad bin Muad, Bilal, Zubair, Hassan, Hussain (May Allah be pleased with them)

6)  Peace and strength to deal with any situations (in this world)

7) Help change society for the better

8′) Become more loved (By Allah, parents, friends, collegues, the person you meet on the street even!)

9) OBEY my lord and being thankful to Him

10) Who doesn’t want to change for the better?

Check out this introduction to Islaha (reformation) by Imam Shuaib Webb. You can get the entire video lecture series @;

Jazak Allah Khair


Welcome / Marhaba ….

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nirraheem.


Not written by a person of knowledge; just your ordinary Muslim striving for the sake of Allah (swt). If I say anything that is wrong or displeases someone, I am truly sorry and it is strictly from my own shortcomings. Any good stated is certainly from the blessings of Allah (swt).

Assalam Alikum WRBT.

Thanks a bunch for dropping by. Well, this is my first blog here, so to be honest, I am still trying to decide on what to focus on. My niyah was to start a blog related to Islam as well as share my thoughts and promote useful discussions. However, there are a innumerable generic islamic blogs out there, so the big question is: so watcha gonna blog about?

Dawah? Youth Issues? Politics & Islam? Transformation?Transformation of the heart? Islam & Business?

If you have some ideas / suggestions, feel free to let me know.

I think, bee Idn Allah, I will start with sharing some information that helps personal reformation (Islaha of Nufus), info that may help us get closer to Allah Subhana Watala, make that bond stronger an then ilmrush-ing to topics such as politics, business etc ..

Feel free to add your suggestions, InshaAllah.

Jazak Allah Khair

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