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Asalam Alikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu (Peace be upon you and God’s Mercy and Blessings)

I was contemplating on the Quranic message and wrote a few words, reflecting on it. I thought I might share it with you as a reminder, first to myself, and then to others. If I made any error, that was not my intention and I seek forgiveness from Allah.


Time, Oh where does time fly?
Yesterday, I was a clild
Today, I am a man
Tomorrow, I might be in my grave!

How often do we contemplate
How fast time passes by
How any day might be our last
How many civilizations have thrived and vanquished
How arrogant, man walks on this world
Only to join his ancestors in the grave

Waiting for the final judgement
Of all his actions
When he meets his Lord
And he shall be questioned
Even for the small ant he stomped

How many wars has man fought?
For what? Land and power?
Does man not think
All that pride and power
That he has strived forever
But Alas, His final destination
He has been distined
Is his grave!

Does he not realize
All his wealth will be of no avail
When he meets Allah
On that fearsome day
The Day of Judgement
He will be questioned
For all his deeds
And rewarded or punished
With Paradise or Hell

Does man not realize
That he was created to worship the Most High
That true wealth is what he spent
In alms and in good deeds

All the wealth
All the fancy cars
All the beautiful women
All the entertainment
None of it will stand the test of time
For, they are a test for you my friends
Only your good deeds, worship and repentance
Will stand the mightly test of time

The choice is in your hands
Will you submit to the temptations of this world
OR will you submit to the commandments of Allah?

Will you realize your higher purpose
And do good in this world
Or will you get trapped into the mightly claws of materialism
And transgress the boundaries Allah has set for you!

The choice is in your hands
My brothers and sisters
The choice is in your hands
But time runs out
And you will be questioned
For your deeds and actions
Spend time wisely
Alas, tomorrow might be your last

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