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Is Islam an Easy religion?

Islam was revealed to make things easy for man. Allah has reinforced this in the Quranic revelation “.. Allah wishes you ease and He does not wish difficulty for you.. “ [Quran 2:185][1]There are many instances where Allah has eased the burden on Muslims such as shortening prayer while travelling, performing thayammum while water is not available, instead of ablution, even to the extent of allowing prohibited food items such as pork and alcohol in order to survive, in the absence of food.

Even when comparing with other religions, this principle becomes apparent. Pre-Islamic polytheistic Arabian religion had all kinds of restrictions. One of them was complicated and unfair rulings with regards to distribution of slaughtered meat. If the cattle were pregnant at the time of slaughtering, the offspring in the womb would be exclusively for men and their spouses were not allowed share. However, if the offspring was dead, then it would be equal share. [2]

Furthermore, cattle and crops were only allowed by whom the men willed. Backs of cattle were also forbidden for public. Islam removed all these baseless restrictions and allowed all meat that was slaughtered the right way, invoking the name of Allah and specifically forbidding certain meat such as pork and allowing everything else.

Female infanticide was also a common practice among pre-Islamic Arabia as well as in India and other regions of the World. The new born being a female was reason enough for the parents to kill the baby either immediately or whenever a chance would arise. This was done mainly because the female offspring was seen as a liability and shame. Whereas a male offspring was a source of strength and pride. Religious institution in pagan Arabia and other countries turned the other cheek towards this treacherous practice. One of the societal impacts of this practice is that “It is estimated that by 2020 there could be more than 35 million young “surplus males” in China and 25 million in India”[3] Islam abolished such inhumane and unfair practices against women. Allah states in the Quran: Certainly, are lost those who killed their children in foolishness without knowledge and forbid what Allah has provided them, inventing(lies) against Allah.” [6:140] Allah condemns evil practitioners of female infanticide in this verse of the Holy Quran.

An instance of hardship in Catholicism, is the requirement of priests and bishops to refrain from sexual relationships with their wives and all other women. This was codified in the council of Nicaea in 325AD. In the West, by the 11th century, the law became universally accepted that a priest could not marry and was not allowed any sexual relationships. [4] This unnatural restriction led to evils such as sexual abuse of young children by the bishops and priests. “In 2004, the John Jay report tabulated a total of 4,392 priests and deacons in the U.S. against whom allegations of sexual abuse have been made.”  “Around 81% of the victims were male; 51% between the ages of 11 and 14, and 27% between the ages to 15 to 17 years.” [5] These statistics are in the United States alone and this is a problem that has been well known throughout the history of the Catholic Church since the law of celibacy was enacted.

Islam promotes healthy sexual relationships between man and woman, regulated through the institution of marriage as this is a natural desire placed in human beings and an essential factor for procreation and the continuation of human race. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said “Marriage is my Sunnah, whoever disregards my (sunnah) path is not from among us.”[6] Allah commands in the Quran: “Marry those among you who are single and (marry) your slaves, male and female that are righteous”[7] Islam promotes all Muslims who are able to marry, to marry. There are no restrictions on Islamic Imams or religious or political leaders to abstain from marriage.

These examples cite that Islam is essentially a religion that is easy to practice and implement. It greatly reduces the burdens on previous religions and also eliminates practices that are unnatural. It does not eliminate previous civilizations, but rather builds up by keeping what is good and replacing what is bad, while adding new restrictions when needed to provide an entire system of life or deen that guides man to maximize his benefit and balance in this world and the next.

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  1. September 29, 2010 at 3:39 pm

    Masha’Allah…. This is a well researched piece… Islam is psychologically the easiest way of life for it teaches balance and morality and the vices of men like alcohol, drugs, sexual perversion/addiction lead man to ways that cause their own ruination… Islam safeguards them from these as well…
    Allah in His Divine Wisdom and Infinite Mercy chose for us this Islamic Way of Life so we can have honor in this world and eternal comfort in the next…
    As salamu alaikum

  2. October 3, 2010 at 11:29 am

    It is a blessing from Allah that he has made Islam easy for all of us.

    Jazaak Allahu khairan.

  3. mian asif
    June 4, 2012 at 1:16 am

    Good information no doubt Islam the best and easy religion

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