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Fooling Gulf Arabs

This article is reposted from: http://www.islamicvoice.com/October2010/EDITORIAL/index.php#FoolingGulfArabs

The United States is up to a new game of fooling Gulf Arabs. If a Financial Times report is to be believed, the US will be dumping down weapons worth some $123 billion on Saudi Arabia and its oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) allies in one of the largest re-armament exercises in peacetime history. Of the huge bill being made against these kingdoms, sheikhdoms and emirates, Saudis alone would be buying arms worth $67 billion while the United Arab Emirates is being pressured into buying $40 billion worth of military equipment. The US defence industry has been looking for new buyers for the last couple of years, ever since the US had been making up its mind to quit Iraq and pull out of Afghanistan quagmire.
The major US weapon manufacturers viz Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop and Raytheon had been lobbying with the media, the CIA and the State Department for manufacturing new threats. Iran has therefore been developed into a new bugbear, notwithstanding its repeated assertion against going nuclear. Ahmedinajad’s foolhardy statements have also served their objective of envisioning a new battlefield and distracting the world’s gaze from Israel’s tyrannical suppression of Palestinian rights, usurpation of their farms and water sources, raising of world’s largest apartheid wall and designs on Jerusalem. The new strategy of the Murdoch-Turner monopolized Western and specifically US media is to replace Israel with Iran as the new enemy. They have succeeded in brainwashing the monarchs, sheikhs and dictators into believing the same. With Saudis having given flying rights to Israelis over its northern territory in order to shorten their bombing raids on Iranian nuclear reactors, the worst fears of the Muslims that a gang-up against Iran is in place has started to prove true.
No irony could be worse than Israel emerging the friend of the Arabs against an Iran that has stood up to threats from the US’s blandishments in the Middle East. The US role in propping up Israel in the heart the region and sowing seeds of dissensions among the oppressed people has never been clearer than today. Its designs against empowerment of developing nations have all been there for every justice-loving citizen of the world. Its pampering of the democracy-deficit, human rights-denying Arab states too has been known. Now that the only democratic nation in the region, i.e., Iran, is being encircled, it is for us to dispel all notions of US claims of a stable and peaceful Middle East. The peace and stability that the world’s only superpower cherishes is peace of the graveyard and stability of its protégé Israel. As a bonus it is also looking at free sea lanes to carry the oil for its energy guzzling industries after disemboweling the Arab lands currently ruled by world’s most hated and oppressive regimes. Is anybody listening?

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