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Hajj – Truly an unforgettable journey!

[This is an excerpt from an email that I wrote to my dear friend describing my Hajj experience:]

It is hard to describe the entire experience but definitely filled with reflections. One phrase that I heard before but experienced it for my self in this trip: “everybody gets tested in one way or the other and it is a great medium to deveop one’s patientce and reliance on Allah Azzawajal”. I thought it would be just a longer version of Umra, but was I wrong. I am very thankful to have had the chance to complete the hajj after two years of wanting to and not being able to. Finally, in the third attempt, Allah accepted my dua and invited me to His house. Alhumdlillah.

Our organizers were pretty “organized”, so the experience was pretty comfortable compared to what we’ve heard from some of our relatives. The highlight for me was definitely the day of Tarwiyah (after Arafat). Me and my father got up in the morning and left around 10am to head to the jamarat where we stone the devil. I was under the assumption that it was kinda close and we’d be back in a couple of hours, so I did not really get all my “gear”. It turned out to be a loong walk, I think almost 1.5-2 hours with the crowd and we decided to head off to Haram by foot to complete the tawaf and other rituals in one go. So, I did not have my wallet and got some money from dad. We were walking and walking and turns out to be a lot longer than expected …

Dad decided to catch a taxi and headback to Mina so that he could return with mom the next day and complete the rituals then. I wanted to complete it the same day, so descided to continue walking. I walked and walked and there was no sight of the haram yet. I hopped on a bus and the conductor was asking for 15 riyals. I put my hands inside my ihram pocket and to my dismay find a big hole there and the money must have slipped out! So, I am here in Makkah with no money and no phone and Mina is atleast 5km away.Alhumdlillah, as soon as I got of the bus, people were handing out free food for the “hajis”, so Allah Ar Raziq took care of my food needs for the rest of the day.

I remember hearing that everybody gets tested during hajj and we have to exercise patientce, so I descided to remind my self that through out the day. After a long walk, my body started aching quite a bit, so decided to take a pit stop and sit down for a bit. It was pretty hot outside and a man sitting next to me was eating ice-cream. I looked around and noticed the shop where might have bought it from and got ready to walk over there. I quickly realized that I did not have any funds, and humbly sat down.

I got back on the journey and finally reached Masjid Al Haram. I started to perform tawaf. I was on the floor facing the Ka’bah. I landed up completing it after a long while and by the end of it, my back started aching pretty bad as I have been on the road for a long time. So, I kept motivating myself that those before us had to cover a lot more distance in much harsher conditions and this is minor compared to that.

It was humbling to stand infront of Allah with literally nothing except a pair of ihram clothes and a pair of white slippers. Nothing else. It reminded me that this is how I’ll be entering the grave sans the slippers. I asked for duas for a bit and depended on Him for help in getting back all the way to Mina as it was almost impossible walking back to Mina as my back pain began to build up.

I descided to perform Saii the next day and start heading back on the trip to Mina. After a bit, I run into a bengali guy and explained my situation and he offered to help out. We got back on one of the “taxi” pickups and we have to stand in the back with a bunch of other hajii’s and head back to mina. Traffic was bumper to bumper and after a long while, I reached Aziziyah. The driver drops us off where the mountain path to Mina starts. I walked uphill for a while, went trough the tunnel and kept walking more. Finally I reached the end of the tunnel. It just occured to me now that I should call my parents as they would be searching for me. I started looking around and borrowed a cell phone, called dad and told him that I am near this masjid by the tunnel. It was difficult to find out the way back to our camp because it all looks alike and the police don’t really know the directions. So dad said he will come by and pick me up, but he landed up going to the wrong mosque by the wrong tunnel.

In the mean time, I was waiting for a while and I started getting hungry after all the walking. There were restaurants infront of me and people eating on the sidewalks, but I could not afford a single piece of bread nomatter how much money I had in my bank account! So, Allah gave me a taste of what the poor have to experience day in and day out, Subhan-Allah. I tried calling dad and finally explained that he was at the wrong mosque and long story short, it took him 2 or 3 hours to get to where I was. I was about to fall into despair, when Allah sent a smiling somali man to sit next to me on the footpath. He put his new blanket on the floor to sleep and a few guys were praying and he offered it to them immediatly. And he looked like he was not well-off. His face, however, shined with contentment. SubhanAllah and he was helping people left and right. A guy came and sat on his blanket to eat and said welcome with a big smile. Another guy put his head on the blanket and he said no worries my brother. Chatting with him brought a smile to my face and made me realize how he appreciated life despite his difficulties and helped others.

Then dad finally came around midnight, and it took us about 2 hours to walk back to camp. We managed it somehow although both of us were almost about to call it quits and just sleep on the platform! Alhumdlillahi rabbil alaameen. Wa inna ma’ al usree yusraa. 🙂

Ofcourse, everyother second in Hajj was also memorable and amazing but maybe not so adventerous. Arafat day, is after all hajj and was engaged in dua all afternoon. Morning we tried walking to Masjid Nimra which also was engulfed with loads of people. But we got close enough that we could hear the khutba from the loudspeakers, Alhumdlillah. The sight at muzdhaliffah was breath talking with so many people on a flat surface wearing the ihram, as far as your eyes could reach. It definitely started bringing thoughts of yaum al hashr. The jamarat where we throw the stones at shaytan is such a powerful sight when you see so many people throwing rocks after rocks at the same time rejecting the accursed.

So these were some of the highlights from this wonderful journey to Allah’s house that The Most gracious has blessed me with this year. I pray that He accepts our Hajj InshaAllah and gives me another chance to visit his house soon. Ameen.

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