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Syria Emergency Appeal


Syria is in turmoil. The cities of Homs and Damascus lay besieged. Families, unable to move, are suffering as food and medical supplies run out. They need desperate help.

During Mu’awiyah Radiallahu ‘anhu’s governorship of Syria, his forbearance and generosity meant families flocked to Syria to reside there. Today, families, under the hammer of oppression, have little food and support and seek to flee this blessed land.

The Messenger of Allah Salallahu ‘alaihu wasallam said,

‘Allah will aid a servant of His so long as the servant aids his brother.’ – Muslim

Ummah Welfare Trust has targeted widowed and orphaned families in Homs and Damascus for relief. With your generosity, the charity will provide emergency food rations that will last for many months inshaAllah. Surveys are also underway to assess medical needs on the ground.
Donors are being asked to give generously for our grief-stricken brothers and sisters in the land of Shaam. No doubt our wealth can never decrease when used in aid of the Ummah.


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  1. March 10, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Thank you for the research into Aid agencies operating in and for Syria. Very helpful. I also found one more:


    An International Aid Agency with a broad approach in places including Syria now with the present crisis.
    Wasalamu Alaikum.

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