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Is your Heart Really Healthy? (Signs of a Sick Heart and Pure Heart – Ibn Qayyum)

One must always strive to purify his heart from sicknesses as that is the only way towards attaining Allah’s pleasure and Paradise in the next world. Ibn Qayyum has noted the following signs of sick and pure heart:

[Source: Commentary on the Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi by Jamaluddeen Zarabozo http://store.dar-us-salam.com/product/R40.html ]


Signs of a Sound Heart: 

  1. The person considers himself to be belonging to the next world and not this world. He is a stranger in this world and cannot wait to reach his abode in the hearafter.
  2. The person continues to be upset with himself any time he commits a sin until he finally and completely repents to Allah.
  3. If the person misses his daily recitation of the Quran and dhikr, he is more upset and unhappy than if he had lost his wealth.
  4. The individual finds a pleasure in worshiping Allah that is much greater than any pleasure he finds in eating or drinking.
  5. When the person begins his prayer, his worries and concerns about this world leave him.
  6. His only concern and worries are concerning Allah and acting for the sake of Allah.
  7. He is more concerned with wasting time and more stingy about wasting his time than a greedy persin is with respect to his wealth. Time is one key element that everyone must use for the worship of Allah. Unfortunately, often Allah blesses people with free time and yet they have no idea how to use it, so they simply waste it. 
  8. The person is more concerned with the correctness of his deed than he is with the performance of the deed itself.

Signs of A Sick Heart: 

  1. The person does not feel any or pain when he commits evil deeds and sins.
  2. The individual finds both pleasure in committing acts of disobedience to Allah and rest after performing them.
  3. The person looks after the less important matters and does not care about the more important ones. Obviously, if a heart is sound, it will look after the person’s best interest. When the heart does not care abou essential matters, it is clearly a sign that it is not only sick but perhaps dead.
  4. The person dislikes the truth and has difficulty accepting or submitting to it
  5. The person does not find comfort in being among the rigghteous people but finds a great deal of solace and peace while among the evildoers and sinful people.
  6. The person is susceptible to be affected by misconceptions and doubts. He is attracted to discussions, debates and arguments that surround such misconceptions rather than to reading the Quran and other such beneficial acts.
  7. The person may not be affected by any kind of admonition (warning) whatsoever. Some people, for example, can listen to Friday khutbah after Friday khutbah and there is never any affect on them. This is another sign that ht heart is diseased or truly dead.

The first step is the diagnosis. Be honest with yourself and rate the condition of your heart using the critereon above and determine weather your heart is sound, sick or dead! Then work on the purification of your heart, which will be dealt with in future posts and other posts in this blog. You can see this link for more information on this topic: http://www.themodernreligion.com/basic/charac/pure-heart.html#symptoms

  1. Nagina
    October 18, 2012 at 10:38 am

    Today your post is really very affective.I am really impress.Please prayer for me I follow this instructions that post today.It really touch my heart and soul.May Allah give u lot of success and happiness.Ameen

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