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Buddhists continue to massacre Rohingya Muslims by burning them alive


The carnage in Burma (Myanmar) finally has debunked the myth of “peaceful” Buddhists. At the same time, the so-called international community, led by Western countries, again showed to the world their duplicity and hypocrisy, writes UmmaNews.



If in the case of Syria, the West almost daily condemns “unacceptable violence against peaceful people”, ranting about freedom and humanity, and even studiously pretend that it tries to help the Syrian Muslims, alas, in the case of Burma, this activity is not anywhere seen.


Buddhist crowds have been carrying on with the terrifying violence for nearly a year, but the so-called international community remains stubbornly silent: there is no UN Security Council resolution, nor Obama’s threat of a “red line”, or the French and British proposal to provide “arms to insurgents”, or hints of introducing a no-fly zone over Burma.


The following video was shot in Meiktila during the recent violence. The entire video is accompanied by wild cries of Buddhists, including monks, looting the homes of Rohingya Muslims.


The clip of 1 minute 30 second in duration, captures a person lying on the ground. This Rohingya Muslim is condemned to a slow and painful death. His body was set on fire by Buddhists, it is all charred, but he is still alive and trying to make some kind of movement. He is surrounded by Buddhists and Burmese police.


One of those present calls to throw some water over the burning Muslim, but another voice immediately replies: “Let him die. For him, there is no water”.


The horrific images were captured by the police, who were standing on the sidelines.




In the city of Meiktila an anti-Muslim gang, known as the “unit 969”, actively distributes leaflets with the number 969 printed on them, which is reported to have some secret meaning to Buddhists.


The current unrest is the repetition of the bloody violence in the past year in the state of Arakan. According to human rights NGOs, the police were mostly inactive or even joining Buddhist mobs, killing men, women and children in June and October 2012.


“Although in some cases the state security forces intervened to prevent violence and protect the fleeing Muslims, more often they just stood at the sidelines or directly supported the attackers who had committed murders and other offences”, says the report of the human rights defenders.


On Tuesday, the official Burmese authorities reported that six Muslims had been charged for “alleged involvement” in death of Buddhist monk who took part in anti-Muslim riots. All six face the death penalty. Four more Muslims are being sought.


In March massacre in Meiktila, there were killed at least 43 people, 12,000 became refugees – most of them Muslims, reports the Associated Press. Buddhist mobs looted the houses of the Rohingya Muslims and burned the people alive, leaving the charred body of the believers lying on the streets of the cities of Burma.


Only last week, Buddhists burned down several Muslim villages north of Yangon. According to Agence France-Press, a part of the Buddhist monks were directly involved in the massacre of Muslims, while others were encouraging people to boycott all stores owned by the Rohingya Muslims.


Human rights activists have called what is happening in Burma “ethnic and religious genocide”. 

Source: Undisclosed Internet Media

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