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Common Mistakes Made In The Way Men Dress: In And Outside Prayer

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In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful




Here are some notes on the subject that were prepared from a book by Shaikh Mashoor Hasan Salmaan.

1. Praying in tight clothes so that they press over the private parts (‘awrah)

Praying in tight fitting clothes is deemed Makrooh according to the Sharee’ah. It also harms the body and hence it is not good from the point of view of health as well. Perhaps the one praying in such clothes actually leaves parts of his prayer out.

It is known that many people who dress in such a way do not attain their prayer at all while others attain only a little, like the prayer of a hypocrite.

Those who pray, many amongst them nowadays dress in clothes that are excessively tight around one or both of their private parts (their thighs and backside)

Ibn Hajr says, that a group of the Hanafee scholars considered such practice as makrooh. [See Fathul-Baari 1/476]

If this is the case for normal trousers then what is the case when they are very tight?

‘Allaamah al-Albaanee explained that trousers have two problems:

a) This is a dress that resembles the disbelievers. Muslims used to dress in wide bottoms (saaraweel) which were loose fitting and baggy like some still do so in Syria and Lebanon. The Muslims adopted this practice of wearing trousers/pants when they were colonized. When the colonizers departed, they left behind this evil influence and changed the Muslims due to the their ignorance.

b) This type of dress constricts and presses upon the ‘awrah. The ‘awrah of a man is from his navel up to his knee. The worshipper should be as far away as he can from disobedience of Allah during his prayer. He is prostrating (in obedience and submission) to Him. How can he be praying and standing before His Lord, when his buttocks are showing and what is between is visibly magnified?

It is surprising to find many young Muslims taking exception to ladies wearing tight clothes since they cling to their bodies, yet these young men are forgetting about themselves. There is no difference between a lady wearing tight clothes, which press against her body and a man wearing trousers, which also cling to his body. The buttock of both a man and a woman are part of the ‘awrah and both of them are the same. So it is compulsory for the youth to be warned about this predicament about which, many of them are blind, except for he whom Allah has guided, which by the example set, seems to be a few. [Taken from one his tapes]

The Messenger (sallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) forbade a man from praying in his trousers (saaraweel) unless he had a wrapper (rida) on him. [Abu Dawud, al-Haakim and the hadeeth is Hasan]

For more details please consult the following:

“Saheeh-ul-Jaami’-us-Sagheer” of ‘Allaamah al-Albaanee “Sharh ma’aani-ul-aathaar” of Imaam at-Tahaawee Shaikh Hamood at-Tuwayjiree’s discussion about it in his book which talks about how resemblance of the mushrikoon has befallen upon many in “Al- Iidaah wa-tibyaan..”

As long as the trousers are wide and not tight the prayer is valid, but it is better to have a shirt or a top, one that covers between the navel and the knee, or lower still onto the middle of his shins, or down to just above his ankles, because that is the complete covering.

‘Allaamah Ibn Baz has a fatwah where he says that it is permissible to pray in trousers so long as the ‘awrah is not pressed against due to its expansiveness and his backside is not shamelessly visible. If his backside becomes visible then the prayer is invalidated and if only the clothes press against his ‘awrah then it is makrooh.

2. Praying in thin and transparent clothing Read more…

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