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Who is Babar Ahmad?

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Babar Ahmad is a 38 year old British Muslim and the longest detained-without-charge British detainee held as part of the global ‘war on terror’. In December 2003 Babar was arrested at his London home under anti-terror legislation. By the time he reached the police station Babar had sustained at least 73 forensically recorded injuries, including bleeding in his ears and urine. Six days later he was released without charge.

In August 2004 Babar was re-arrested in London and taken to prison pursuant to an extradition request from the US under the controversial, no-evidence-required, Extradition Act 2003. The US has alleged that in the 1990s Babar was a supporter of “terrorism”. Babar denies any involvement in terrorism. He has now been in prison for more than seven years even though he has not been charged in the UK, despite 141,000 British citizens signing a petition to put him on trial in the UK.

To learn more about Babar and how you can support:

Write to Babar;

Babar Ahmad A9385AG
Detainee Unit
HMP Long Lartin
South Littleton
WR11 8TZ


Manage and Sustain Your New Productive Ramadan Habits!

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Manage and Sustain Your New Productive Ramadan Habits!.

Eid Has Arrived!

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Taqabbal Minna Waa Minkum. May Allah accept our fasts, our prayers – the wajibat and the nawafil, salatul layl, zakath, sadaqah, Quran recitation, kind words and all other good deeds we did this Ramadan and forgive us of our mistakes. Ameen. May Allah Multiply the rewards for our good deeds, and pour His mercy upon us and overlook our short comings, for He is Ar Rahman, Ar Raheem. Yaa Mutaqabbilul Qulub Wal Absar, Thabit Qulubanaa al’aa deenuk. Ameen ( Oh Changer of Hearts, orient our hearts towards your Deen.)

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Purification of the Soul – Backbiting

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Ramadan is the ideal time for us to work on cleansing our souls of sins and asking Allah for repentance sincierly. This is a must watch lecture on how easily we fall into this awful sin of backbiting and the cure:



The Somalian Crisis – How can you help? By Mansoor Danish

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Asalamu ‘alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatahu

Firstly, All praises are due to Allaah ta’ala alone and may the peace and blessings of Allaah be on His last and final messenger Muhammad peace be upon him.

A few days back, I came across some images regarding the Somalia drought crisis. Whilst, the images were disturbing but more than that it was my helplesness that left me wondering all night long as to what could I do to help them. I saw some FB lnks being shared by our brothers and sisters and almost all of them, shared links with a message attached ‘Please make duah (supplications) for our brothers and sisters in Somalia’- BUT is that ALL that they need at this point of time!!! I wondered…

We had a suhoor to look forward to- and after a day long fast- we have an iftar to look forward to..But these people have NOTHING to look forward to…Don’t we have a responsibility? Why are we reminded several times in the Qur’an to give charity to the miskeen! Ever wondered why Allaah reminds us several times in the Glorious Qur’an to pay our Zakaah to the needy.

Yes, it is our responsibility to come out and help these brothers of ours and this help has to extend beyond the spiritual supplications to an actual act of charity. Somalia needs basic amenities to lift themselves up from the lowest of lows they find themselves in today. Whilst me alongwith Br. Aftab Alam (Kolkata), Br. Umar Shariff (DIET, Bangalore) and Br. Ashraf Mohamedy (Mercy Mission, Mumbai) work on setting up a feasible system to aid the Somalians, as of immediate effect, I am providing you all with links of some well established Charitable Concerns who are working 24 hours to help the East African cause.I request you all to not hold back your donations, but to immediately start reaching out to these organisations to assist them in their projects.Here are the list of two whom we have contacted and feel comfortable:
1) Islamic Relief

2) Gift of the Givers

Kindly mail the organisation mentioning the details of your payments and specifying clearly the ’cause’ for which you are making these payments.

Incase of any queries please feel free to write into me and seek clarifications.

May Allaah subhanuwata’ala remove the afflictions of our Somalian brethren and may Allaah ta’ala accept our efforts in reaching out to them.Aameen

BaarakAllaahu feek

Mansoor Danish

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